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”Finland deserves better. Now is the time for decision makers who take both the nature and the economy seriously. That is what I want. ”

Who is Alvar Euro and why you should vote for him in the Parliamentary elections in 2023?

Hi, I am Alvar Euro. I am a 24-year old young man from Turku, Southwest Finland. I have been told that I already have a remarkable CV despite my young age. Well, at least I have thoroughly enjoyed being an active member of the society for many years now. And I hope it shows!

I have collected here things that I regards as important to me and things that I consider to be really important for our future. Please read on! 

Alvar Euro

What does Alvar Euro stand for?

As a candidate and as a person I am an open-minded, thinking person who relies heavily on our environment, economic sustainability, civilization and education.

I believe in sustainability on all levels.

I want everybody to have a chance to build our own success. And at the same time everybody deserves to be looked after. This can only happen when our economy and nature are both sustainable.

Loss of biodiversity needs to be stopped. We need to leave the nature in better shape for the future generations. Finland has always lived from its nature, its forests and fields. Our nature is our asset, it brings us joy and well-being. And nature, when thriving, also benefits us. We need to take action for a more sustainable future. 

The Finnish economy also needs to be sustainable. Living on debt is not a long-term solution. The welfare state – what we are know for and which is important for all of us – can only be maintained with an economy that is built on a sustainable foundation. Companies and entrepreneurs need to be encouraged. 

Research and development are key in making sure Finland performs successfully also in the future. We need innovations. We have long seen success with our education system and strong steps need to be taken to make sure this keeps on happening. 

We need to be liberal in our values and we need to act decisively in order to make sure human rights are expressed, recognized and acted upon. We are all equal. Everybody should be able to be themselves without fear of discrimination. 

Alvar Euro eduskuntaan 2023

What does Finland look like in the future?

I want to live in Finland that has courage to renew its economy and services in way that preserves the nature. So that we will continue to be living in a good society in 50 years from now.

I want that we create and maintain a society where everybody can be what they like, where equality and human rights are cherished. We should not get stuck when experiencing obstacles, but instead we should be active members of the global community – and also working for global human-rights.

In new and uncertain circumstances we need to be a credible and convincing Nato member that is building security in the whole Northern Europe.

I am a firm believer in forward-looking, sustainable Finland. 

What is Alvar Euro up to and what has he accomplished?

I am in the middle of my second term in Turku City council where I was elected in 2017 when I was just 18, just after my matriculation examination. I was appointed the chairman of The Union Of Upper Secondary School Students In Finland for 2018 after having been a really active member there. 

Alvar Euron ansioluettelo (Kuvaaja Sasu Norha)

What is Alvar Euro's political position?

I am a member of Kokoomus ie. National Coalition Party. You can read more about Kokoomus’ election themes here. 

This is important to me as a future member of the parliament:

We will stop loss of nature and climate change.

Loss of nature needs to be taken seriously. It makes species and their natural enviroment disappear which has a radical impact on our day to day lives. Loss of nature is partly caused by the climate change but also from the unsustainable use of our forests and land. Loss of nature threatens our lives just as the climate changes does. 

We will stop the unsustainable economy and support entrepreneurship.

We need to balance our economy. We cannot maintain the welfare state with the current income. With a thriving economy we can maintain schools, libraries, healthcare and the defence. 

Let's focus on the education and knowledge.

Finland has long been known for its well-educated people. The basis is build in the Suomen valttikortti on koulutettu ja osaava väestö. Perusta huippuosaamisen kehitykselle tehdään kuitenkin jo peruskoulussa. Nykyisellään oppimistulokset ovat Suomessa laskussa, ja nuoret voivat yhä huonommin. Peruskoulun päättäneistä yhä suuremmalla osalla on haasteita lukemisessa ja oppimisessa.  Kaikkia haasteita ja ongelmia nuorten elämässä ei ratkaista koulussa, mutta oppimisen haasteisiin on annettava lisää tukea. Suomen nuoret ansaitsevat hyvät eväät tulevaisuuteen, ja sitä varten meidän on laitettava peruskoulu kuntoon.

Let's be liberal in our values and maintain human rights.

We all should be what we want. Even though we live in a country that can be considered as equal and functionable according to many metrics, we still have a lot to do in these matters. In this society we should be able to rely on  nobody actively pursuing others’ right to be themselves. The parliament does not make decisions on peoples’ values or principles but the members of the parliament represent the whole country with their values. I want to stand for each and every one’s right and freedom to be themselves.

We are bigger than our size in the EU and globally.

Finland is a well situated in the European Unionin. The EU aligns the future of our continent, and a tthe same time the whole Europe has an impact on the global issues and challenges. Finland’s role in the EU should be increased and more Finns should look for top level positions in the Union. We should not give in to ideas that want to diminish the role of the European Union. Especially in the current security situation we need to be an active part of Finland. 

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